Not Your Average Jet Ski Carrier

If I remember rightly, and I’m sure this is something I learnt from Pimp My Ride, Honda’s CRX was referred to as the Pocket Rocket. A cheeky little two-seater thing that looked pretty good and went with enough oomph to be called sporty.

I’m pretty certain that the boys and girls in Honda’s marketing department never thought of marketing the CRX as the new Honda Jetski Carrier, but…

honda crz

I suppose it is a common enough problem, buying a jetski then realising you have neither a way to get it to the waves or the remaining cash for fuel and a trailer…

Of course, jetskis aren’t the only thing that people buy without thinking about transport costs. Take coffins, they can cost a fair old wad and don’t always include the use of a herse…

vw golf


One response to “Not Your Average Jet Ski Carrier

  1. the jetski looks more like a lakeside accident that anything intentional

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