Horses Need Ear Muffs Too…

My mind takes some odd routes in the morning. To avoid traffic this morning I decided to dart down some country lanes, only to come across a line of horses being gently ridden down the road. Cut back to Saturday when I was in London and saw one of those silly little lap-dog things being carried around dressed in some stupid little clothes.

There’s also a saddeningly expanding market for cat clothes. I guess because a great big layer of fur isn’t enough. So when I saw a line of horses this morning I got to wondering: are there lines of horse clothing? I mean, horse owners must spend thousands each year on things like hay, equestrian stables and equipment, their own riding equipment…. would these same people be the type to buy, say, a matching scarf and jumper set for their philly?

Thankfully, a search revealed, the answer is no. Horse clothes seem to extend no further than those blanket things to and, amusingly, ear muffs like this:

horse clotheshorse clothes

Then again, on reflection, perhaps it’s probably sensible not to put a sweater on a horse. Small dogs and cats are probably less likely to break your leg and put you in intensive care with a swift kick in the jacobs if you try putting clothes on em.

Still, in the earmuffs stakes, as festive as the bottom selection is, I have to consider the gloves the best bet. If only for the comedic element of a horse with little hands on its head.


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