Zebras Have People Teeth Too!

Not so long ago I read a mate’s blog questioning why horses have people teeth. It’s not something I’d thought about before but upon photographic evidence its true. Not only that, but Zebras have them too!

zebra teeth

Look at those chompers! There’s a few less on them but there’s not that much difference between those and what you’d see on your grandma’s night table! Then again, I suppose they don’t need them to be that sharp given their diet of…. grass.

Heh, I can almost see a Zebra nestling down at night in some sort of equestrian stables and plopping those chompers into a glass of water to make sure they don’t dry out. Then again, while I’ve seen plenty in zoos I’ve never really seen where they live in captivity. They’re always out wandering around paddocks and making the most of the locks on the lion cages. Do zebras sleep in the same sort of stable as your regular equine?


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