The Easiest Way To Move?

There’s more and more pros going toward timber buildings in my eyes at the moment. Following on the from the recent Ultimate Tree House find, I found what has to be the easiest way to move possible:

timber buildings

Look at what’s normally involved in UK removals: all those boxes to pack, taping em all up, getting em in to a lorry / van or hiring a removals company. We’re clearly missing out on something here – tie everything down, get a bloke with a lorry – presumably it has to be craned on – and drive your whole house off. No need to pack, no need to go finding another house or getting used to wear the light switches are in your new bedroom. Job done.


2 responses to “The Easiest Way To Move?

  1. Heh, awesome! When I’ll move to a house, I’ll surely use this method if I’ll ever be forced to move again. Unfortunately, currently I leave in a small flat and can’t take the whole building with me when moving… 😐

  2. yeah really nice ya I am using this method to move my house

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