Treehouse of Awesomeness Part 2

Nobody likes coming back to work after a holiday. Or home, for that matter. There’s always something anticlimatic about returning back and opening the front door to the norm. But, what if home wasn’t so normal? I’d be a lot more excited about going home if home were anything like these kind of timber buildings:

timber buildings

Now that’s what I call good use of timber. And garden space. And tree! This timber building doesn’t just sit in the crook of the branches, it wraps itself around the tree and uses it as an element of the design. While I’d undoubtedly spend all day doing ewok impressions I would love to live in a house like that. You could even pitch a few chairs underneath and chill in the shade with a couple of cold ones!

Not so much these tree houses… these look a little risky. The intention was there, right down to the spiral stair case, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite as impressive.

tree house


4 responses to “Treehouse of Awesomeness Part 2

  1. Wow…What a marvelous house…Is it real?…

  2. founditsharedit

    It most definitely is, there’s a lot of em about now as a couple of companies make them – probably cheaper than a house but you’d have to factor in land costs etc I guess – but this was one of the coolest I’d seen

  3. assuming these trees are alive and growing, how long could the houses possibly last?

  4. There is an interesting story about the two lower treehouses. A man by the name of Earl Harvey in Eureka, California spent four years building them as a memorial to his son who was killed in a crabbing -boating accident. They are made of driftwood he started collecting in 1971 when his son was killed. You can find the whole story in Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb, by Peter Nelson.

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