The Car With Added Bounce

So last night while driving home I saw a car that I hadn’t really paid much attention to while sat in traffic in Kent. Fiat Grande Punto isn’t really a name that’s said much to me in the past except “what’s with the extra e?” However, whilst enjoying watching my evening tick away while sat nose-to-tail with it, I was quite impessed with its styling and wondered how I hadn’t noticed it before.

When I did finally get home I went hunting around online for the ads for it and realised why I hadn’t paid any attenti0n to it. It’s good looks are a victim of the cleverness of it’s advert:

The last thing I remembered from this was the way the Grande Punto looked. I was too busy debating whether they actually dropped it onto a trampoline. Oh, and they did, see:

Just not quite as gracefully. Still, if I ever want a car that bounces, I’ll know where to go…


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