The King of Pop Rode a Moped?

I’ve seen stranger things, but for some reason when I found this while stumbling around youtube I couldn’t think of many. Michael Jackson – surely late 70’s – advertising for Suzuki mopeds:

Of course, he doesn’t get on it. I really can’t picture Michael Jackson ever having ridden one but two thing’s are clear: love is his message (?) and Suzuki know how to get adverts that’ll get attention.

Why then did they make this nonsensical thing:

Seriously? I know the whole “A to B” thing is a well known saying but it’s a pretty strenuous link to the Alto isn’t it? Oh…. wait, I think I get it, is it that if you remove the l you get “A to” ?

Surely they’d be better off pointing out how cheap it is, that’s what may save Suzuki. Sussex is filling up with these things already, I must’ve driven five of them off the road this morning alone, purely because they’re one the cheapest things on the market.


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