Suzuki Going For Something… Different?

Suzuki have a bit of an odd reputation here in the UK. I think it’s safe to say that they’re not considered as one of the bigger and more solid build manufacturers but they’re clearly trying to up their ante, especially as the Scrappage scheme has helped them shift more of their smaller motors.

As for the US though, I’m not really sure what kind of a rep they have but they’re clearly going for a younger generation with this ad:

This really isn’t the usual thing to expect from Suzuki. Then again I’m not sure if I’d associate the Grand Vitara with anything other than Alan Davis’ old sketch about how easily they roll…

My only issue with this is that really, I’ve never seen the Grand Vitara as being that big and when did they give it 230 horsepower?

On the plus side though, I do genuinely like the new Grand Vitara and think Suzuki have done a bang-up job with the styling on this one:

suzuki grand vitara sussex


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