Is Yellow Acceptable Now?

Not so long ago yellow used to be an appalling colour for a car. Like the Clint Eastwood / Charlie Sheen film The Rookie pointed out, the real criminal is someone who’d paint a car such a horrific colour. Now though you can’t escape it – the Ford Focus RS is a lurid fluorescent-like green and Renault’s new Megane  is belter of a car – in bright yellow.

Though I think this may be the one car it works with:

It’s exceedingly rare that I see a ‘hot hatch’ that makes me sit up in my seat but this ad worked for me. Renault have consistently upped their game in the styling stakes recently and this is no exception and looks like you can throw it round the road till you’re green in the face and need to pull over and use a sick bag.

While a car that gets driven like that is likely to mean a few stops for some Renault Servicing, I’d certainly relish an opportunity to drive it like it deserves to be no matter how much I had to pay in tyres.

renault servicing sussex


One response to “Is Yellow Acceptable Now?

  1. I personally love a bit of yellow! Its a perfect colour for a car in fall. Winter should be black or silver but yellow is fresh. They used to say anyone who paints their walls bright yellow is suicidal or will be… i dont think that can be said for people who choose yellow cars – or atleast i hope not…my mate bought the renault. Its a sight for sore eyes and the birds love it (i mean the winged kind – not skirt)

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