The Honda Gopher Concept?

The thing with concept cars is that they don’t always look quite like a car. Does anyone else thing that Hondas CR-Z concept car looks the spitting image of a Gopher?! Not sure what their design stimulant was in the beginning (big nose – slitty eyes) but it’s quite the puzzler.

honda cr-z concept


There is a lovely new Honda Civic in Maidstone that seems to get stuck in the same traffic jam as me each morning. Sat in a pretty pearlescent black the colour brings out its devilish features and evil eyes. I love it when a car has aggressive features – not sure what it says about me – but that’s beside the point.

Honda has come up with many stunning concept cars and we can rest easy for now that faces on the current cars are quite handsome but if this is a sign of things to come, driving past a Honda dealer in Kent may be like I’m driving past a pet shop.


One response to “The Honda Gopher Concept?

  1. more like a groundhog, I’d say

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