Moving With Your House…

So I moved house recently, and while there’s many things to get bothered and flustered about, surely the two main stressors when it comes to moving house are a) finding a new house and b) packing all your belongings up.

What if you didn’t have to do either of those things? Say you really like your house itself and just wanna move to a new neighbourhood? Not really likely to work over here with all the brick buildings and more confined spaces but over in the States – and New Zealand judging by the number of clips – this idea of moving your whole house thing is a genuine alternative:

Seriously? How much can you love your house in order to this? Isn’t the expense astronomical? As much as I detest paying someone for something I can do myself with just a little sweat, surely paying a removals company has got to be cheaper?

Granted, I appreciate that houses are homes and therefore filled with memories that people might want to keep as long as possible but those memories aren’t the house itself… haven’t you seen Up?


2 responses to “Moving With Your House…

  1. oh, yeah. it is. i live in nz, and you see this happen quite a bit on the state highways… blocks up traffic like mad.

  2. If i could do that i would…beats packing and unpacking any day!

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