So, Been Boating For Long?

Sometimes you see something that just seems so wrong it makes your headache looking at it.  For me it’s something like this:

container shipping

It’s so alien and surreal looking that, real as it is it just seems to throw your brain out trying to make sense of it. Like my eyes see it, acknowledge it’s there, transfer the info to the brain which then throws it as nonsense. Obviously I’m not the only one with this one:

container shipping

See, rather than get concerned about the risks of container shipping or or the fact that there’s a giant container ship balance precariously behind them, the two guys in the foreground would rather kick a ball around.

It’s as if their brain, too, has gone “nah, that can’t be real.”


3 responses to “So, Been Boating For Long?

  1. That picture does indeed leave one with a sense of being very confused. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a giant container ship on the beach which is tilting to one side. If it had been standing vertical it would really have been unusual.

  2. notice how the containers have opened at everyone is standing at the bottom were all the goods have fell :S

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