Yep, It’s A Renault

It’s a strangely amazing looking concept car with a suitable strange name: The Ondelios.


How can you tell it’s a Renault? Well, as per – they got pretty much every detail nailed except for the grille:

renaultThat being said, though, I do like the sliver-like effect on the front lights. There’s some pretty impressive elements to this concept car, unveiled at last year’s Paris motor show.

Take the interior, for example:


The vents at the bottom bring to mind the mouth of a whale – not usually the sleekest of styling cues – but the interior looks like something from Flight of the Navigator. Still, I imagine that if those fancy pads fail you’ll be faced with quite a high Renault servicing bill.

I wouldn’t mind finding a steering wheel like this in my next car, though if the inside of any car looked like this I’d probably spend all day calling it KITT. That’s all day, everyday.




One response to “Yep, It’s A Renault

  1. I am just amazed how every new model can be more and more round in shape. I wonder when does the modern pattern go back to good old angular

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