Did Ads Like This Really Exist

You know, I’ll never cease to be amazed by what was once used to sell cars. This, though, seems like something that would appear on Tarrant On TV, though I’m still waiting for a punchline so I guess this was, in fact, a serious advert at one point:

There’s so many things about this ad that would mean it died a death if released today. Then again, I think the Vauxhall Nova would just about fail on every level if it had to compete in today’s market. It’s clutch may well be “lightness itself” but I think it always had a problem with its looks.

Still, on the plus side the Nova was replaced by a pretty decent little car. Though I’m not sure I’d know where to recreate an ad so glamorous for the Vauxhall Corsa. Swindon? Slough? Milton Keynes? Edgeware Road would take some beating.


One response to “Did Ads Like This Really Exist

  1. Well what would you expect, its old school. In 20 years people gonna laugh their heads of at our today commercials

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