The Hurricane Casualty… Painful

So last week the East Coast of America got pounded by a real monster of a storm – I’m told it was called “Nor’ Ida” which baffles me in itself. One of the worst storms to hit Virginia and the Carolinas, some of the damage was painful for car lovers.

Especially the guy who found his, presumably, beloved Porsche 911 a little.. sandier than he remembered it:

sandy porsche

Perhaps the worst part is whether or not the insurance covers it. Do storms count as “acts of God” ?

Might be time to downsize car wise and move to a less dangerous region. Nothing terrible, maybe the insurance would run to a nice new Lexus IS. Liverpool might not be as glamorous but I doubt your car would get washed out to see there.



One response to “The Hurricane Casualty… Painful

  1. “nor’Ida” sounds like a brand of tater tots

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