What’s In A Name? A New Car That’s What

So it’s increasingly common – especially those dubious people called celebs – to name your child after where it was born or conceived. I’ve often wondered aloud if that means there should be more children called Transit but now that’s been born out. In a literal sense.

A baby girl is now the proud owner of the name Kia Richardson after being born in a Kia Carens on the way to hospital. Born two weeks early and weighing in at 6lb 70z, Kia had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck as the car, and her namesake, pulled up outside the hospital.

kia carens

So… how did Kia react to the news? Well, parents Tony Richardson and Samantha Smyth now have a new car courtesy of Kia Motors.

Amazing. Congratulations to them both. Now surely for a new car they should go the whole hog and go town specific too? Kia Poole Richardson. I’m wondering if I can get up to Merseyside and a car rental place in time with a heavily pregnant lady to welcome little baby Lexus LS Liverpool Hill.

Gotta be worth a shot, right? Aim for the sky and all that, if you’re gonna name your child after a car make sure it’s a good one.

lexus ls liverpool


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