Abarth Visits The Dark Side

Anyone remember those old Ka posters where they tried to make it look evil? Only it came off looking as genuinely evil as next door’s neutered moggy… Thing is, little cars like the Ka or the 500 have a pretty tough time looking… well, tough.

Well, Romeo Ferraris have managed to pull it off. They’ve taken what has to be one of the cutest cars around – the Fiat 500 – and merged it with Darth Vader’s helmet and a rocket. The result is something pretty terrifying.

Abarth 500 KentTo be honest I’m pretty glad this won’t make mainstream production. I’d be terrified if I looked in my rear view and caught this Abarth 500 in Kent.

Just as well that it’s for the Vallenlunga endurance race in Italy this year instead. It’s got a 1.4l turbo charged engine that’s been messed around with so it gives out 360hp! Yes, 360hp! In an Abarth 500. That’s close to three times what that little motor would normally dish out.


One response to “Abarth Visits The Dark Side

  1. Yusuf Ginnah (SA)

    Now thats a really cool car… to surprise those M3 drivers with!!!


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