The Pelican Did It? What Pelican?!

This story still makes me chuckle. I found it a while ago though all but forgot about it until it came up in conversation this morning.

I know I shouldn’t laugh, and indeed I didn’t until I saw the video, but: an American millionaire recently managed to write off a tidy little sum after crashing his million dollar Bugatti Veryon after only just taking delivery of it. He even received condolences from Arnold Schwarzenegger after stating that a low-flying pelican caused him to crash one of only fifteen examples of this supercar in the US.

However, take a look at the video:

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but a) that’s a pretty clear video in terms of exposure and clarity and b) Pelicans are BIG birds, and there’s no sign of a bird with a wingspan over two-metres or a metre in length anywhere in that vid at the time he goes off the road. Or at any time.

No.What it looks like is someone who doesn’t know how to handle a car like that at that speed. No pelican. Perhaps he – Andy House from Texas – dropped his phone, though what was he doing driving with it? No pelican. Perhaps he went to pick it up without remembering how you actually need to DRIVE a car like that not just steer it. No pelican.

Perhaps he claimed it was a pelican to save face. Or maybe to help with his insurance claim. However, I really hope his insurance doesn’t cover it. It’s not spite or jealousy but if you’re going to buy a car like that and then drive it like an idiot instead then you’d be better off sticking to used cars instead. Prove you know how to drive at all before you decide to drive a car like that.



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