The Maddest Little Car?

The other week I caught the Top Gear with the second attempt at a ‘serious’ road test that ended up, of course, in comical stupidity and (hopefully) the demise of Ross Kemp.

As much as I enjoyed watching the little Renault Twingo get put through its paces, I was still much more impressed with the Abarth 500 that got reeled in a couple of times as a benchmark. Especially when it was revealed that the waiting list for this little rocket stretches into next year!

However, having done a little youtubing for more of the test that I missed and something on the Abarth 500, I decided I don’t really want one of them. I want the Abarth SS:

As Clarkson said: “160hp in a car the size of a shoe!” Now that is the kind of fun you want in a little car. Who cares if putting an aerial on it ruins the dynamics, that’s what cds are for isntead.

I’ve driven quite a few small cars lately. As much as I love jumping around the down in quick-dashes of surprising nippiness in a Peugeot 107, or as fun as my mate’s Mini claims to be, the little 500 Abarth – especially the SS – looks a thousand times better.

Well worth the wait, I’m sure.


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