Ford Gettting Their Designs From Toys?

Everybody in the UK – I’m sure – remembers the Ford Capri. If only for the infamous Capri Ghia as owned by Del Boy Trotter. Ford’s attempt at the affordable sports car – possibly looking to replicate the Stateside success of the original Mustang – for the discerning British motorist that never quite was and often ended as the butt of jokes instead….

Well, this:

ford capri

Well, there’s been many a rumour lately that the Blue Oval is going to be gracing a new version of the Capri soon and a variet of “official” leaks have dribbled out.

Such as this:

ford capri

Now it’s all very edgy and funky but I can’t help thinking I’ve seen this new Ford in Sussex before…. oh yeah: on my mate’s Hot Wheels Power Loop set !

hot wheelsGranted I wouldn’t mind getting behind the wheel of the new Ford Capri if it looks like that…. I’ll just be checking over my shoulder to make sure there’s no launch button about to propel me out of the garage at high speed.


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