Virtual Driving Lessons?

Now I’ll admit, I was a little mislead and suitable disappointed by this video. I’m a huge fan of the whole augmented reality thing and have been since seeing it for the first time at an expo last year so the idea of augmented driving lessons really appealed. However….

The idea of taking driving lessons again disturbs me. It’s been well over ten years since I passed my test and I know I’ve picked up some real bad habbits – like muscling along on the speed, driving with my knees, not using the handbrake 100% of the time I should be…. – and might not pass so easily. However, if I were to choose between taking driving lessons in Kent or driving lessons sat at my iMac and using the webcam…. I can readily leave my car keys at home.

That being said there may be a couple of problems. You wouldn’t necessarily learn anything except theory and procedures. Perhaps you could learn braking distances but… you wouldn’t learn the all important pyhisical elements like handling the car itself, changing gears (though this is American and half the time I don’t think they learn either over there).

Should this technology really take off though I can see a real practical use for this – put the code on the back of the highway code and away you go. Visual, 3-d representation of breaking distances, turning procedures etc. I reckon it’d be a whole lot more tangible for learners than the pictures and diagrams in the book. You could even incorporate the roadsigns in there and how they should be reacted to.


One response to “Virtual Driving Lessons?

  1. A few companies have been developing software along these lines. Using more involved video clips can help a person’s understanding of driving. Ok it’s not a substitute for the real thing, but it’s a good start!

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