VW’s Banned and UnBanned Sense of Humour

I’ve been growing increasingly tired of the current ad campaign that focuses around the whole “like a Golf” idea. I’ve been around a lot of car guys and I’ve not once heard anyone say that. I’ve also bought many a car and not once have I been attracted to any because they’re “like a Golf.”

So I was wondering if Volkswagen had lost their humour. You may now be asking “did they ever have one?” Yes they did, but it was banned:

I can understand why it was banned – nothing says “Dear Ofcom” like children using curse words (or the suggestion that they are). Still, it does make me laugh.

But it seems they haven’t lost it, they just haven’t let us have any of it. They’re keeping it back in Germany thanks to the comedic talents of actor Peter Stormare:

While this particular brand of humour may not sell the new Volkswagen Golf in Birmingham where accents are a little different, but it still makes me chuckle – mainly because I loathe the whole Pimp My Ride and Max Power culture of sticking useless bits of fibre glass on a car.


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