Why Driving Instructors Need More Pay

I remember my first driving lessons. Nervous, sweating palms, twitchy feet, hesitant movements and constant double checking of the roads before crawling along and that was just the driving instructor.

I kid, of course. Driving instructors are made of stronger stuff, and with due reason. While my driving lessons in Essex weren’t all that perilous – I’d had more than a few preparatory experiences behind the wheel – I saw and heard of many that were. And it’s not just in the UK too, as a stroll through youtube revealed:

Just as painful to watch is –

While I lack Google Translator’s ability to pick out what language is being spoken – let alone the actual words – I don’t think you need it to appreciate the level of terror in the voices of these instructors.


One response to “Why Driving Instructors Need More Pay

  1. Driving instruction must be one of the most stressful jobs at times. The range of customers with their different needs and expectations must really tax even the most patient of instructors. Driving Instructors do a great job.

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