Honda Keep Their Crown

While Honda keeps appearing in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately (no manufacturer wants to have to utter those words “product recall”) the creative brains that bought out some of the greatest ads – certainly in terms of car ads – ever haven’t sat still.

I found this today and, according to the rules of this blog, thought I’d share it here:

While this one serves as a cracking ad for the new Honda Civic, it manages to combine elements from so many of their great adverts to date – including the funky little robot chap Asimo I can’t get enough of.  The Honda Civic is one of those cars that’s been around and selling in huge amounts since the dawn of time (or the dawn of cars which was just 22 seconds after that) and though the very latest shape has become a bit of a Marmite like element of the car, I really like it. It looks like something Buck Rogers would drive.


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