The Concept: Awesome

I stumbled across a blog for some bizarre Alfa Romeo concept yesterday and have since been exploring the world of concept cars that go a little further than those that usually find their way to motor shows and – eventually, after being watered down and trimmed of all their awesome features – the road.

What happens when you create a concept that’s “based on the idea of living cell tissue system of a plant, that acts as a transportation unit which carries organic nutrients to all parts of the plant where needed. This concept is the inspiration of a theoretical idea of future technology acting as micro organisms that transport and nourish the world on a global scale.” ?

This – the Volkswagen Pholeum:

Volkswagen Pholeum

Volkswagen Pholeum

Volkswagen Pholeum

Volkswagen Pholeum

It’s very rare that I say this about VW – but that is one funky Volkswagen. Birmingham may not see a British Motor Show for some time to come but I would love to see this thing realised in some physical form – without, of course, travelling abroad for a motor show.


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