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OMFG: It’s Real!

I saw this kicking around online pretty recently, and thought ‘that has to be a send-up.’


But, lo and behold, it is real! OMFG – that great anachronism – does also genuinely stand for the Official Meeting Facilities Guide. I’m hoping that this was established long before people went online and starting lol’ing and rofl’ing but my hats go off to them for sticking with it and actually managing to obtain such a url too…. then again; perhaps they’re fully aware of the coincidence and went with it anyway making full use of the accidental traffic.


Forget Coke, Pepsi Up The Ante

I never thought I’d be so impressed by a drinks advert (excluding the mighty Guinness ads) until I saw this:

Best ad ever? Surely it’s the best soft drinks ad?

The Concept Is SO Awesome It Hurts

This amazing looking car is from this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It’s the Alfa Romeo-inspired Betone Pandion concept. Amazing, 12-foot long, doors that drape over the front wheel arches and are hinged to the very rear corners, glass where there should be metal, an amazing interior and shards of metal in place of the traditional rear bumper.

That’s before even mentioning the Alfa engine that hides beneath that amazingly sculpted bonnet, there’s a 4.7 litre V8 under there that could sling this thing wherever it wanted to go, fast.  Concept it may be, there’s no denying the power and style that comes attached to that badge and should anything even slightly resembling this make the showroom, you can bet I’ll be heading straight down to a Kent Alfa Romeo dealer and signing my life away for a set of keys to it!

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The Concept: Awesome – Part 2

Toyota seem to have lost their power lately. While the pursuit of the hybrid technology is all well and good but this company once made three great coupe / sports cars – the mighty MR2, the Celica and the much-missed Supra.

Now, there’s always rumours of former great cars making a return to the road, and there’s plenty of sweet concepts floating around for the Supra too, including this:

toyota supra

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The Concept: Awesome

I stumbled across a blog for some bizarre Alfa Romeo concept yesterday and have since been exploring the world of concept cars that go a little further than those that usually find their way to motor shows and – eventually, after being watered down and trimmed of all their awesome features – the road.

What happens when you create a concept that’s “based on the idea of living cell tissue system of a plant, that acts as a transportation unit which carries organic nutrients to all parts of the plant where needed. This concept is the inspiration of a theoretical idea of future technology acting as micro organisms that transport and nourish the world on a global scale.” ?

This – the Volkswagen Pholeum:

Volkswagen Pholeum

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Honda Keep Their Crown

While Honda keeps appearing in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately (no manufacturer wants to have to utter those words “product recall”) the creative brains that bought out some of the greatest ads – certainly in terms of car ads – ever haven’t sat still.

I found this today and, according to the rules of this blog, thought I’d share it here:

While this one serves as a cracking ad for the new Honda Civic, it manages to combine elements from so many of their great adverts to date – including the funky little robot chap Asimo I can’t get enough of.  The Honda Civic is one of those cars that’s been around and selling in huge amounts since the dawn of time (or the dawn of cars which was just 22 seconds after that) and though the very latest shape has become a bit of a Marmite like element of the car, I really like it. It looks like something Buck Rogers would drive.

Virtual Driving Lessons?

Now I’ll admit, I was a little mislead and suitable disappointed by this video. I’m a huge fan of the whole augmented reality thing and have been since seeing it for the first time at an expo last year so the idea of augmented driving lessons really appealed. However….

The idea of taking driving lessons again disturbs me. It’s been well over ten years since I passed my test and I know I’ve picked up some real bad habbits – like muscling along on the speed, driving with my knees, not using the handbrake 100% of the time I should be…. – and might not pass so easily. However, if I were to choose between taking driving lessons in Kent or driving lessons sat at my iMac and using the webcam…. I can readily leave my car keys at home.

That being said there may be a couple of problems. You wouldn’t necessarily learn anything except theory and procedures. Perhaps you could learn braking distances but… you wouldn’t learn the all important pyhisical elements like handling the car itself, changing gears (though this is American and half the time I don’t think they learn either over there).

Should this technology really take off though I can see a real practical use for this – put the code on the back of the highway code and away you go. Visual, 3-d representation of breaking distances, turning procedures etc. I reckon it’d be a whole lot more tangible for learners than the pictures and diagrams in the book. You could even incorporate the roadsigns in there and how they should be reacted to.