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Crazy Dog

Found this, no explanation just plenty of laugh, sharing it:

crazy dog

I have no idea what’s going on, if it’s a sniffer dog catching a whiff of something nasty, whether he’s caught mid-sneeze mid-growl or merely having a fit. All I know is it makes me laugh harder every time I see it


Horses On Drugs….

You know, it’s funny what wordpress stats will tell you. Like the fact that you’re getting found under the search term “its my life horses” with no idea what that is.

Well, a simple search reveals another question, like: wtf is this??!??!

I have no idea why someone thought this was a great idea. Listening to Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life and deciding that what it really spoke of was horses. Not just any horses but heroic looking horses from films. Perhaps it’s really only for the horse lovers out there (not that kind) but for me… horses belong in equestrian stables, trotting in paddocks and such,┬ánot rock songs. Plus, the lifestyle won’t suit em, with a nose like theirs cocaine would be a really expensive habbit….

Keep an eye out for around 2:36 when they start getting really rebellious.

Strange stuff

Zebras Have People Teeth Too!

Not so long ago I read a mate’s blog questioning why horses have people teeth. It’s not something I’d thought about before but upon photographic evidence its true. Not only that, but Zebras have them too!

zebra teeth

Look at those chompers! There’s a few less on them but there’s not that much difference between those and what you’d see on your grandma’s night table! Then again, I suppose they don’t need them to be that sharp given their diet of…. grass.

Heh, I can almost see a Zebra nestling down at night in some sort of equestrian stables and plopping those chompers into a glass of water to make sure they don’t dry out. Then again, while I’ve seen plenty in zoos I’ve never really seen where they live in captivity. They’re always out wandering around paddocks and making the most of the locks on the lion cages. Do zebras sleep in the same sort of stable as your regular equine?

Baboons Pwn Fiesta Roof Box

Things to do once you’ve bought a nice new Ford Fiesta – take it for a drive, keep it clean and polished. Strap a roof box to it and head off on holiday perhaps.

Things not to – take it for a drive, keep it clean and polished. Strap a roof rack to it and enter the baboon enclosure at a safari park…

I know I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it, especially with the constant monkey squeeks. Look at the state of it! They’ve also managed to get rid of the wing mirror too. Problem is, I guess there’s not a lot you can do when covered in baboons, drive off and you risk squishing a few and getting monkey guts on your tyres and in a whole lot more trouble…

Just hope they had a few spare clothes in a suitcase in the car.

Horses Need Ear Muffs Too…

My mind takes some odd routes in the morning. To avoid traffic this morning I decided to dart down some country lanes, only to come across a line of horses being gently ridden down the road. Cut back to Saturday when I was in London and saw one of those silly little lap-dog things being carried around dressed in some stupid little clothes.

There’s also a saddeningly expanding market for cat clothes. I guess because a great big layer of fur isn’t enough. So when I saw a line of horses this morning I got to wondering: are there lines of horse clothing? I mean, horse owners must spend thousands each year on things like hay, equestrian stables and equipment, their own riding equipment…. would these same people be the type to buy, say, a matching scarf and jumper set for their philly?

Thankfully, a search revealed, the answer is no. Horse clothes seem to extend no further than those blanket things to and, amusingly, ear muffs like this:

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Why The Not-So-Long Face?

Horse walks into a bar…. We all know horses have long, sad looking faces but I recently found a selection of horses that seemed happy. Smiling, in fact. So much so that I couldn’t stop chuckling at the comic appearance of it. So, of course, I thought I’d share it in the hope that laughter would ensue for all…

happy horse

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Remember When Rocky Was A Horse?

Of course not, because it never happened. Even those mock-up trailers and far-fetched story lines for Rocky 6 (that became the spectacular Rocky Balboa) couldn’t have predicted that.

The good folks at Budweiser did though for their Superbowl ad that, as a non-US, I had to find online instead of at half time (just like the Bruce gig too):

As both a fan of the Rocky series (I’ll even watch number 5 occasionally) and Budweiser’s adverts, this makes me laugh each time.

To me it reeks of Rocky 4, the back-to-basics approach of training in a stable in Russia. Equestrian workout: the best way to train for boxing? Some of those saddles can be pretty heavy I guess.