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Arcade Game Fun In An Alfa…

Thanks to a well-timed brochure arrival and enticing voucher giveaway with every test drive, I’ve been seriously toying with getting to grips with a new Citroen C3 recently. However, being a child of the 80’s and a product of a youth spent hunting for princesses with Italian plumbers and defending the earth from alien attack…. this advert means I’m now severely tempted to call up a Kent Alfa Romeo dealer and take a spin in a MiTo instead / aswell…

Is it wrong that I’m so easily lead? Or am I actually the target-market for Alfa Romeo and their little MiTo and their ad agency knows exactly how to attract me; with a little slab of nostalgia for arcade games?


The Concept Is SO Awesome It Hurts

This amazing looking car is from this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It’s the Alfa Romeo-inspired Betone Pandion concept. Amazing, 12-foot long, doors that drape over the front wheel arches and are hinged to the very rear corners, glass where there should be metal, an amazing interior and shards of metal in place of the traditional rear bumper.

That’s before even mentioning the Alfa engine that hides beneath that amazingly sculpted bonnet, there’s a 4.7 litre V8 under there that could sling this thing wherever it wanted to go, fast.  Concept it may be, there’s no denying the power and style that comes attached to that badge and should anything even slightly resembling this make the showroom, you can bet I’ll be heading straight down to a Kent Alfa Romeo dealer and signing my life away for a set of keys to it!

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The Best Way To Personalise Your Car?

This post might be a bit of an abrupt left turn following on from the last couple of Awesome Concept Car posts but life’s full of em so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Besides, these made me laugh when I found them which is why I’m sharing.

Every now and then I’l come across a dealer website where they talk about the many ways in which your new car can be tailored to suit you more personally. This will usually involve, say, a certain colour of interior trim or the addition of an MP3 friendly audio system.

With used cars, when the warranty isn’t so much of an issue and taste goes out the window, the results are a lot more entertaining.

Take the Honda Civic. A much loved car that’s been hugely popular for decades now. For some though, its styling isn’t quite complete without the addition of some spoilers, styled bumpers and alloy wheels…..

used honda civic

Not to mention these….

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Not Really Selling It….

Sometimes you find something that makes no sense whatsoever. More often than not, it’s a perfume ad. This one’s a car ad from Japan – though of course there’s the language barrier – which just leaves me a bit baffled. There’s no chance these people are lip-syncing to the music so it’s just a bizarre collection of gestures soundtracked by 80’s cheese:

But then, even in English I’m at a loss to explain this advert for the same car:

I took a testdrive in a new Suzuki Alto in Sussex not so long ago – well, I say that, I sat in the back while my partner took a tesdrive in the Alto – and she found it a doddle to park. Though perhaps that’s the joke. Everybody and his brother says small cars are great to park and maybe Suzuki are trying to get away from this being its only use… I don’t know, but it’s really not selling it to me.

The Concept: Awesome – Part 2

Toyota seem to have lost their power lately. While the pursuit of the hybrid technology is all well and good but this company once made three great coupe / sports cars – the mighty MR2, the Celica and the much-missed Supra.

Now, there’s always rumours of former great cars making a return to the road, and there’s plenty of sweet concepts floating around for the Supra too, including this:

toyota supra

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The Concept: Awesome

I stumbled across a blog for some bizarre Alfa Romeo concept yesterday and have since been exploring the world of concept cars that go a little further than those that usually find their way to motor shows and – eventually, after being watered down and trimmed of all their awesome features – the road.

What happens when you create a concept that’s “based on the idea of living cell tissue system of a plant, that acts as a transportation unit which carries organic nutrients to all parts of the plant where needed. This concept is the inspiration of a theoretical idea of future technology acting as micro organisms that transport and nourish the world on a global scale.” ?

This – the Volkswagen Pholeum:

Volkswagen Pholeum

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Annoyingly Catchy & Baffling

My car is, currently and lamentably, without an audio system at the moment. I can’t find the radio code. The sad thing is that that means I have to entertain myself on the daily commute. Thankfully I don’t car share with anyone because at the moment – despite hearing so many other things during the day, I keep singing along to this:

I saw this advert for the new Mazda2 in Oxford this weekend (yeah, it was raining so a real great time for a weekend away) and keep hearing snatches of it on the tv while I’m wandering around the apartment. Thanks to the ever-so-annoyingly catchy nature of the song it simply reignites the memory and I feel like I’m stuck on an ongoing cycle doomed forever to be singing Mazda advert soundtracks.

Thing is, I’ve seen plenty of these motoring around lately but I can’t tell you anything about them. Certainly not based on the strength of this ad. All I can tell you is that it reminds me of the video for the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. Yet another annoyingly catchy song.

Oh, and it makes a lot more sense than this ad for the new SEAT:

Seriously, what are they trying to say: buy the new Ibiza and some hairy biker angel is going to shoot everyone in the vicinity? It makes as much sense as a perfume ad.