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Seriously, Driving Instructors Need Danger Pay

Every now and then I get a specific kind of email. Not the “happy time pill” email. The “become a driving instructor and earn up to £30k” email. Remembering my driving lessons I used to give these emails a fraction of thought (before considering all the training I’d have to pay for and that that salary is really only acheivable if you’re giving lessons throughout the day, all day, every day).

However, having seen this sort of thing I think I’d be demanding a lot more money. Granted I’d be giving driving lessons in Kent, not Poland but I’m pretty sure there’s people that are just as bad here! How many times does this poor instructor have to grab at and tap his heart! It must be close to bursting with this pupil:


OMFG: It’s Real!

I saw this kicking around online pretty recently, and thought ‘that has to be a send-up.’


But, lo and behold, it is real! OMFG – that great anachronism – does also genuinely stand for the Official Meeting Facilities Guide. I’m hoping that this was established long before people went online and starting lol’ing and rofl’ing but my hats go off to them for sticking with it and actually managing to obtain such a url too…. then again; perhaps they’re fully aware of the coincidence and went with it anyway making full use of the accidental traffic.

Crazy Dog

Found this, no explanation just plenty of laugh, sharing it:

crazy dog

I have no idea what’s going on, if it’s a sniffer dog catching a whiff of something nasty, whether he’s caught mid-sneeze mid-growl or merely having a fit. All I know is it makes me laugh harder every time I see it

World’s Best Snowman

Say hello to my little friend

Al Pacino Scarface

Best Kodak Moment Ever?

There’s times in life when you wish you had a camera to hand and you see a picture that makes you glad someone had a camera handy at the perfect moment, this is one of those:



Seriously: how funny? Laugh, I nearly had to change my trousers. Never have I seen such a perfectly timed photo for an hilarious reaction. 

Can’t offer any explanation as to the horses presence – American cars are certainly big enough that the horse may have mistaken the SUV for its field shelter? Who cares, that reaction is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

Oops! Chose More Carefully In Future

So my colleague sent me a link to a great site today called FmyLife, it’s basically a giant twitter board or 140 character examples of things that’ve made peoples live’s suck.

For example: “Today, I was talking to my guy friend about prom. I told him I was turned down by 7 guys. So he said “Well, you could always ask me.” I then said “Do you want to go to prom with me?” His response was “Nope…now that’s 8!” 

My particular favourite is this one:

“Today, my son looked out of the window and said “what’s that piece of sh*t doing on our driveway?” It was the new car we were trying to surprise him with on his 16th birthday ”

The morals of the stories? Don’t fall into a trap with high-school guys and do your homework before shopping for used cars and get one that your son wants and doesn’t look like a bucket. 

There are some that can’t be avoided though, like:

Today, I was tutoring kids at an elementary school. One kid messed up my hair. I said, “Why’d you do that??” He said, “I have lice, now you have lice too!”

Common Sense: RIP

Given the sheer amount of stupidity in the World I thought I’d share this:

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