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Arcade Game Fun In An Alfa…

Thanks to a well-timed brochure arrival and enticing voucher giveaway with every test drive, I’ve been seriously toying with getting to grips with a new Citroen C3 recently. However, being a child of the 80’s and a product of a youth spent hunting for princesses with Italian plumbers and defending the earth from alien attack…. this advert means I’m now severely tempted to call up a Kent Alfa Romeo dealer and take a spin in a MiTo instead / aswell…

Is it wrong that I’m so easily lead? Or am I actually the target-market for Alfa Romeo and their little MiTo and their ad agency knows exactly how to attract me; with a little slab of nostalgia for arcade games?


Why Driving Instructors Need More Pay

I remember my first driving lessons. Nervous, sweating palms, twitchy feet, hesitant movements and constant double checking of the roads before crawling along and that was just the driving instructor.

I kid, of course. Driving instructors are made of stronger stuff, and with due reason. While my driving lessons in Essex weren’t all that perilous – I’d had more than a few preparatory experiences behind the wheel – I saw and heard of many that were. And it’s not just in the UK too, as a stroll through youtube revealed:

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Virtual Driving Lessons?

Now I’ll admit, I was a little mislead and suitable disappointed by this video. I’m a huge fan of the whole augmented reality thing and have been since seeing it for the first time at an expo last year so the idea of augmented driving lessons really appealed. However….

The idea of taking driving lessons again disturbs me. It’s been well over ten years since I passed my test and I know I’ve picked up some real bad habbits – like muscling along on the speed, driving with my knees, not using the handbrake 100% of the time I should be…. – and might not pass so easily. However, if I were to choose between taking driving lessons in Kent or driving lessons sat at my iMac and using the webcam…. I can readily leave my car keys at home.

That being said there may be a couple of problems. You wouldn’t necessarily learn anything except theory and procedures. Perhaps you could learn braking distances but… you wouldn’t learn the all important pyhisical elements like handling the car itself, changing gears (though this is American and half the time I don’t think they learn either over there).

Should this technology really take off though I can see a real practical use for this – put the code on the back of the highway code and away you go. Visual, 3-d representation of breaking distances, turning procedures etc. I reckon it’d be a whole lot more tangible for learners than the pictures and diagrams in the book. You could even incorporate the roadsigns in there and how they should be reacted to.

How To Scare A Driving Instructor

This started off a bit slow and “meh”  but once this guy whips out his mobile….

From what I remember of my driving lessons in Kent, it’s pretty rare to get a lesson in anything other than a driving school’s car and it’s clear looking at this why they want those duel controls so much.

I guess they’re a little more relaxed about the whole thing in the states. Which is odd considering how much of a rage these three fly into. Surely at some point they’d suss out that this dude’s driving pretty confidently for a learner… but then the Yanks are prone to a bit of self-importance and I’m sure an American driving instructor imagines people incapable of mastering a motor vehicle before their arrival.

Alfa Resort To The Traditional Methods

Anyone remember that Simpsons episode where Homer visits the motor show? Remember how everyone goes up to the model next to the car available as a prize and asks “do you come with the car?”

It’s got to have come from somewhere and if you attend any motor show you’ll see models and girls showing off cars on most of the stands but Alfa certainly took it to new heights in Moscow last year:

Not that I’m complaining.

Still, I’m more likely to see those girls dancing around my motor in the car park than I am the 8C Competizione, never got to see that Alfa Romeo in Kent.

Abarth Visits The Dark Side

Anyone remember those old Ka posters where they tried to make it look evil? Only it came off looking as genuinely evil as next door’s neutered moggy… Thing is, little cars like the Ka or the 500 have a pretty tough time looking… well, tough.

Well, Romeo Ferraris have managed to pull it off. They’ve taken what has to be one of the cutest cars around – the Fiat 500 – and merged it with Darth Vader’s helmet and a rocket. The result is something pretty terrifying.

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The Honda Gopher Concept?

The thing with concept cars is that they don’t always look quite like a car. Does anyone else thing that Hondas CR-Z concept car looks the spitting image of a Gopher?! Not sure what their design stimulant was in the beginning (big nose – slitty eyes) but it’s quite the puzzler.

honda cr-z concept

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