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The Concept Is SO Awesome It Hurts

This amazing looking car is from this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It’s the Alfa Romeo-inspired Betone Pandion concept. Amazing, 12-foot long, doors that drape over the front wheel arches and are hinged to the very rear corners, glass where there should be metal, an amazing interior and shards of metal in place of the traditional rear bumper.

That’s before even mentioning the Alfa engine that hides beneath that amazingly sculpted bonnet, there’s a 4.7 litre V8 under there that could sling this thing wherever it wanted to go, fast. ┬áConcept it may be, there’s no denying the power and style that comes attached to that badge and should anything even slightly resembling this make the showroom, you can bet I’ll be heading straight down to a Kent Alfa Romeo dealer and signing my life away for a set of keys to it!

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