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Arcade Game Fun In An Alfa…

Thanks to a well-timed brochure arrival and enticing voucher giveaway with every test drive, I’ve been seriously toying with getting to grips with a new Citroen C3 recently. However, being a child of the 80’s and a product of a youth spent hunting for princesses with Italian plumbers and defending the earth from alien attack…. this advert means I’m now severely tempted to call up a Kent Alfa Romeo dealer and take a spin in a MiTo instead / aswell…

Is it wrong that I’m so easily lead? Or am I actually the target-market for Alfa Romeo and their little MiTo and their ad agency knows exactly how to attract me; with a little slab of nostalgia for arcade games?


How To Scare A Driving Instructor

This started off a bit slow and “meh”  but once this guy whips out his mobile….

From what I remember of my driving lessons in Kent, it’s pretty rare to get a lesson in anything other than a driving school’s car and it’s clear looking at this why they want those duel controls so much.

I guess they’re a little more relaxed about the whole thing in the states. Which is odd considering how much of a rage these three fly into. Surely at some point they’d suss out that this dude’s driving pretty confidently for a learner… but then the Yanks are prone to a bit of self-importance and I’m sure an American driving instructor imagines people incapable of mastering a motor vehicle before their arrival.

Moving With Your House…

So I moved house recently, and while there’s many things to get bothered and flustered about, surely the two main stressors when it comes to moving house are a) finding a new house and b) packing all your belongings up.

What if you didn’t have to do either of those things? Say you really like your house itself and just wanna move to a new neighbourhood? Not really likely to work over here with all the brick buildings and more confined spaces but over in the States – and New Zealand judging by the number of clips – this idea of moving your whole house thing is a genuine alternative:

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Difficult Is Worth Doing

Ah Honda, always the best for adverts. They surpass any others really – Citroen had my vote with the car robot and Skoda with the cake- but Honda have a knack for ads that leaves em all behind.

This advert is advertising the new Honda Accord. Kent is home to loads of these saloons but I’ve never really thought they’re worth throwing yourself out of a plane for. Still, another cracking ad from the guys (and girls) at Honda’s ad agency.

Suzuki Going For Something… Different?

Suzuki have a bit of an odd reputation here in the UK. I think it’s safe to say that they’re not considered as one of the bigger and more solid build manufacturers but they’re clearly trying to up their ante, especially as the Scrappage scheme has helped them shift more of their smaller motors.

As for the US though, I’m not really sure what kind of a rep they have but they’re clearly going for a younger generation with this ad:

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Created By Robot Ninjas From The Future?

I’ve decided it’s time for a new car and am now at the book a test drive point. I don’t remember seeing this ad when it came out but found it while looking for more info on the Brera…

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The Car With Added Bounce

So last night while driving home I saw a car that I hadn’t really paid much attention to while sat in traffic in Kent. Fiat Grande Punto isn’t really a name that’s said much to me in the past except “what’s with the extra e?” However, whilst enjoying watching my evening tick away while sat nose-to-tail with it, I was quite impessed with its styling and wondered how I hadn’t noticed it before.

When I did finally get home I went hunting around online for the ads for it and realised why I hadn’t paid any attenti0n to it. It’s good looks are a victim of the cleverness of it’s advert:

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